When copyediting, I take a slightly broader look at your writing than when what you might think of as "proofreading." The structure and ideas of your work are already worked out at this stage, but we still need to take a closer look at issues of style, clarity, and consistency. As your copyeditor, I will provide a balanced editing of your text with an eye toward each of the following:

  • style, tone, and consistency

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • hyphenation and capitalization

  • clarity and flow

  • creation of a style sheet and timeline


Proofreading provides a final look at your writing to clear out specific errors. I won't be rewording a phrase or restructuring sentences at this stage; it will be a round of editing dedicated solely to the technical side of writing. This will include errors in:

  • spelling and usage

  • grammar and punctuation

  • double words

  • paragraphing and spacing

  • creation of a style sheet and timeline

As an author, you already have an intimate familiarity with the power of words. You know how much of a difference finding just the right word can make.

But everyone needs help after numerous drafts in their 100K manuscript.

While friends, family, and even beta readers can be of some help, a professional edit can catch things or offer suggestions beyond those of casual readers.

I currently offer two levels of service: copyediting and proofreading.