Remembering Demons by J. Cornelius

Benji did a wonderful job copyediting my novel for US English. I learned a lot from his detailed notes on grammar and current trends or preferences in US fiction writing. He was particularly careful highlighting and discussing stylistic choices, and he was punctual and professional in his communication. He provided a fully updated manuscript, a style sheet, which will be very useful for future reference, and even maintained a timeline of the story. The latter goes beyond copyediting and was a great confirmation of story coherence. This probably speaks to Benji’s dedication to making the story he works on as clean and intelligible as possible.

Clonk! by J. P. Rieger

I would like to highly recommend Benjamin Blackwell. Benji recently proofed and edited two of my novels. His editing and proofreading skills are unparalleled. Besides suggesting specific edits, he explained the reasoning behind the suggested edits in very clear and helpful terms. He handled the work in a prompt fashion, easily meeting (or beating) all deadlines. He’s enthusiastic and a great communicator. He works with a sense of team spirit. He’s got your back. I’m a novice fiction writer and didn’t know a style sheet from a hole in the wall. Benji provided style sheets that were extremely helpful and which included detailed plot summaries. Pretty incredible value! And, he happens to also be a nice guy and incredibly easy to work with. Two thumbs up.

Swords Against the Fallen: Black Moon by E. C. Cole

Working with Benji Blackwell was an absolute pleasure. He assisted me with a few chapters of my second book: Swords Against the Fallen – Black Moon. He skillfully broke down my writing, found errors, made suggestions, and did a fantastic job cleaning up my work until it flowed beautifully. One thing that Benji did, that is often neglected, was create an outstanding style sheet. He carefully documented abbreviations, characters, royalty, gods, places, and timeline. If you are a first time author, you may not appreciate how incredibly important a style sheet is – but trust me, this will prove invaluable to your work. On top of all of this, Benji has an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the Sci Fi and Fantasy genres. He isn’t surprised or bewildered by magical systems, unusual names and scenarios, and the building of fantasy worlds. Overall, my experience with Benji was outstanding, and I highly recommend his services.